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Modular trailers

GOLDHOFER heavy modular trailers were developed as modular systems for different combinations. Modules can be connected lengthwise and side-to-side, according to the required specifications.

Frames and loading platforms together make durable steel constructions - the identifying feature of GOLDHOFER products. The main side rail and cross rails provide optimum load distribution, irrespective of cargo shape.

The main objective of frame engineering is to reach optimum cross-resistance of a vehicle, even when transporting cargo with a low center of gravity.   

The optimum number of anchoring points guarantees simple and quick fixation.

The module control system is activated when a tractor truck changes its driving direction (due to an angle change between the truck and the module) through the tow-bar, hydraulic gooseneck and then through steering links and cylinders. Manual activation can be done using the operation panel of the independent power unit.

The hydraulic control system functions by means of fully independent dual circuit systems. This guarantees operational safety, as each dual circuit system provides total control over modules.

These trailers are equipped with a pneumatic dual circuit brake system for all wheels. For off-road application, a spring-type parking brake system is fitted. The parking brake valve guarantees braking in case of an emergency.

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