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Industrial Special Techniques (IST) company represents the leading manufacturers of transport equipment such as trailers, semi-trailers, modular vehicles and tractor trucks for heavy, extra-heavy and outsized loads. The vehicles and equipment we offer make it possible to transport loads from 30 up to 16,000 tons.

Industrial Special Techniques is a team of professionals.  We provide a wide package of services for civil and industrial construction and transport projects, including design engineering and selecting the right vehicles for every customer’s need.  

The main objective of the company is to provide customers with high-quality machinery and equipment from the leading manufacturers in the field of transport.

Industrial Special Techniques LLC works in three main business areas in terms of transport equipment:

  • sales of new and used GOLDHOFER semi-trailers/trailers/modular vehicles;
  • customized supply: truck and modular specialized trailers from the leading manufacturers, such as MERCEDES and MAN;
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs and services.

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