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November 5th, 2013

Faktor 5 finally deployed in America

The Faktor 5 reaches Erickson’s Incorporated company, which has recently purchased a high girder bridge by Goldhofer.


Goldhofer’s new high girder bridge named "Faktor 5" is getting quite popular among other  heavy haulage vehicles in the world and is currently used in the USA. Erickson’s Incorporated, a Goldhofer client that is allocated in Michigan, is going to start using the 70 m giant from Germany for the upcoming operations, related to heavy load transportation. The first company to buy the Faktor 5 was Transport Ltd. of Thailand and Erickson's were lucky to be next in this line.


“We continue to move forward in partnership with Goldhofer. I am very happy that we are the first to bring "Faktor 5" to America,” says Steve Erickson, CEO of the company on purchasing the vehicle. The client was so excited about this high girder bridge that he immediately put a name »Faktor 5 America« on it. By means of the new Faktor 5 high girder bridge from Goldhofer AG, Erickson’s is capable of transporting loads with a weight relation of up to 5:1 (payload to deadweight), therefore the company becomes a perfect contractor for performing extra heavy cargo transfer operations.


“The »Faktor 5«  success story continues,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO of Goldhofer AG about the North American order. “Our customers know that they can have one hundred percent confidence in the reliability of our products at every critical moment. That trust forms the basis of our global success and is highly gratifying for our dedicated employees,” states Stefan Fuchs.

Development of the high girder bridge named »Faktor 5« by the German vehicle manufacturer is a real breakthrough in the field of heavy haulage. “We have received several more enquiries, and North America will definitely not be the last continent to be conquered by »Faktor 5«,” says the CEO. Long-standing Goldhofer customers consider newly deployed high girder bridge as a valuable contribution to the industry of heavy-duty transportation.

When Steve Erickson arrived in Memmingen, Germany to take his new »Faktor 5« high girder bridge along with new axle lines, he placed an additional order for 9-axle low loader semitrailers. “The Goldhofer transporters and trailers provide us with an advantage over our competitors because they are so well designed and constructed.” This was a rather simple description of advantageous features of Goldhofer vehicles and a good reasoning of the purchase.


»Faktor 5«  high girder bridge

Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft presents the »Faktor 5«  high girder bridge in various configurations, with deadweights of 70-130 tons, which enables transporting payload range from 350 to 650 tons. This advanced vehicle features the latest technologies as well as optimal cost efficiency. It is a safe-to-use and smart transportation system for a wide range of special requirements.

In order to fulfill transport operations that involve extra heavy loads, for example transformers, generators and heavy industrial components of other kind, the brand new high girder bridge show its benefits while travelling across surfaces or structures that are sensitive to heavy loads. Vertical lifting stroke of a bridge, not taking onto account the stroke of heavy haulage vehicles, is approximately 1.80 m in the loading area. Progressively extendable loading platforms up to 6.75 m make the high girder bridge an indispensible vehicle due to its flexibility and reliability.

Having load lengths of 11 to 17 m and even longer and the variety of axle configurations (from 2 x 12 to 2 x 20 axle lines), there are no limits for transport operations involving over-dimensioned and heavy objects. Faktor 5 high girder bridge provides for easy engagement and effective shipping in containers, and this looks highly important for long distance transport operations.

MPA Axle Technology

Goldhofer’s focus at the IAA

August 8, 2014 

Goldhofer’s takes its innovative »MPA Axle Technology« a step further

Modular semitrailer system with new user-friendly features

In view of the keen market response, the new »MPA Axle Technology« will be the focus of the Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft stand at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, where the German world market leader in the field of heavy haulage will also be showing some new and innovative features targeted at ease of operation (Hall 25, C07).

In response to the outstanding demand for this innovative axle system since its international debut at Bauma in 2013, Goldhofer has extended its product portfolio and now offers »MPA Axle Technology« for all semitrailer types, low loaders and dropdecks. The first STZ-MPA dropdeck was unveiled at the company’s Innovation Days held in Memmingen at the end of June, and at the IAA in Hanover, Goldhofer will be focussing on the availability of the innovative »MPA Axle Technology« with its complete modular semitrailer offering.

“Our customers’ overwhelming response shows that, with this extremely low-maintenance axle system, we have developed the innovation the market has been waiting for,” says Stefan Fuchs, CEO at Goldhofer. He is convinced that the “superiority of »MPA Axle Technology«” brings significant added value in comparison with other axle systems. “That is something we will underscore at the IAA with the presentation of the MPA-K 7 (2+5) semitrailer combination and the new features that go with it,” Stefan Fuchs adds.

The new modular MPA system includes the appropriate loading decks and bogies with up to eight axles. Goldhofer has also developed a new gooseneck and front bogies with one, two or three axles. They can be employed in both platform and drop deck combinations. “The modular system means that customers can quickly configure exactly the MPA semitrailer they require to handle their haulage contracts as economically as possible,” says the CEO.

Repositioning a dockside gantry crane in Duisburg/Kahl Schwerlast GmbH

20 августа, 2014

How Goldhofer modules from the PST series were used to relocate a 630 t gantry crane.

A container-handling capacity upgrade at the world’s biggest inland harbor in Duisburg, Germany, recently required relocation of a dockside gantry crane weighing 630 tons. The contractor for the job, namely Kahl Schwerlast GmbH (Moers), employed PST/SL-E heavy-duty modules supplied by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft, the leading manufacturer of heavy-duty and oversized cargo vehicles. “With their outstanding steering angle, these self-propelled Goldhofer modules are ideal for such challenging operations,” says Tim Kruse, who helped manage the project for the heavy-duty transportation specialist.

The Duisburg Harbor upgrade project involves an increase in container-handling capacity from one million standard containers to about five million by the beginning of next year. That is to be achieved with the help of four more container cranes, the addition of 13 hectares to the transshipment and storage area, and relocation of the trimodal 630 t portal crane on Logport 1. The crane, which is 139 m long, 20 m wide and 18 m high, originally stood parallel to the quayside. The challenge was to turn it through 90 degrees to create a waterside outreach of a good 15 m. “That was a special challenge for us,” says Tim Kruse. “Maneuvering a crane of that size in such a tight space with almost centimeter precision is a tall order.”

To handle the job, Kahl Schwerlast GmbH chose two six-axle and two four-axle self-propelled modules from the Goldhofer PST/SL-E series with hydrostatic drive and electronic multiway steering and a payload of 45 t per axle line. The two four-axle modules were additionally combined with conventional three-axle THP heavy-duty modules to further increase the payload.

“We decided not to take any risks and played absolutely safe with the payload,” Tim Kruse explains. “Maneuvering so close to the quayside is always a little bit dangerous. So the six additional THP axles provided a margin of safety that permitted us to slightly reduce the axle load on the individual PST modules.” The drive for the heavy-duty modules, which were connected and synchronized via data cable, was supplied by four power packs with an output of 155 kW (210 PS) and 360 kW (490 PS).

Following hydraulic pickup with the Goldhofer modules, the portal crane was raised 300 mm. Ninety-degree rotation and repositioning was performed in five steps before the crane was placed on girders in its final position. Maneuvering in such a confined space was facilitated by the availablity of electronic multiway steering with a steering angle of +/-135 degrees, which offers standard steering options like normal, 90° transverse, diagonal and carousel and can also be programmed for other steering modes.

“With the Goldhofer PST modules, we are perfectly equipped to handle really heavy outsized loads with almost centimeter precision,” says Tim Kruse. Even so, the whole relocation process, for which Duisburg Harbor had to be closed to shipping for a short period, required eight Kahl operatives and lasted a good twelve hours. The final act involved eight heavy-duty cranes, which were needed to lift the portal crane for final installation in its new position – “a good 30 m above the quay”, Tim Kruse adds.

Kahl Schwerlast GmbH – an international operator and one of the leading heavy-haulage companies in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, with 130 employees and about 250 vehicles – had a strong reason for relying solely on Goldhofer vehicles for such a demanding project: “As a customer of many years’ standing, we have the complete Goldhofer portfolio in our fleet,” Tim Kruse explains. “And we know that, even for exceptional heavy-duty operations, we can always rely on the cutting-edge technology supplied by the world market leader.”

The Power Pack, with an output of up to 360 kW (490 PS), is the drive
and control unit for the hydrostatic heavy-duty modules in the Goldhofer
PST/SL-E series.

The final act in the evening light: After twelve hours of maneuvering in a
confined space, the gantry crane reached its new position.

Vehicle hand-over to Schwandner-Ivanov

August 21, 2014

Three PST heavy-duty modules for St. Petersburg

Goldhofer’s PST/SL-E heavy-duty modular transporters have clearly made a big impression on the TIS Group in St. Petersburg, one of Russia’s leading haulage companies for heavy and oversized loads and special transport operations: The TIS Group ordered three new transporters – one six-axle and two four-axle vehicles – from Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft in Memmingen. For CEO Alexander Ivanov (2nd right), it accordingly went without saying that he should take personal delivery of the three new additions to his company’s fleet from Goldhofer’s CEO Stefan Fuchs (right). The hand-over at the Innovation Days event was also attended by Goldhofer’s Regional Sales Manager Christian Letzner (left) and Peter Schwandner (2nd left), CEO of the TIS Group’s German partner Schwandner Transport+Logistik GmbH of Pfreimd. For Alexander Ivanov, the PST/SL-E series is ideally suited for multimodal heavy-duty and oversized cargo and special project transport operations. In addition to the 45-ton maximum axle load and a steering angle of +/- 135° for optimum maneuverability, what Alexander Ivanov particularly appreciates is the flexibility available for a wide range of operations by combining the PST/SL-E transporters with Goldhofer’s THP heavy-duty modules.

Goldhofer THP/SL modules with innovative hydraulic widening system for Australia

October 6, 2014

The first THP/SL modules featuring Goldhofer’s newly developed hydraulic width adjustment system have been commissioned in Australia by ALE, the heavy transport specialist. In total, Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft has delivered forty axle lines with this innovative system and a range of accessories including goosenecks, ramps, etc. to the 2013 ESTA award winner. “This means ALE can react with extreme flexibility to the Australian regulations and can handle a wide range of transport operations more efficiently and economically,” says Horst Haefele, Sales Director Heavy Duty Modules at Goldhofer.

As one of the world’s leading heavy transport specialists, ALE has five offices in Australia (Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Port Hedland and Gladstone) and has been using Goldhofer equipment for many years now. The main specifications for the new modules were a wheelbase of 1,800 mm and an adjustable width of 3,480 mm to 4,900 mm to permit a flexible response to different road regulations.

The solution was found in the form of the hydraulic width adjustment system developed in cooperation with ALE for Goldhofer’s THP/-SL split modules. As a result, the various vehicle combinations can be used at maximum axle load on the public roads of all six Australian states. The system enables the width of the THP/SL modules to be quickly changed without the use of a crane or other lifting equipment.

A further advantage of this new and innovative system is that the THP/SL split modules can also be used with a basic width of 3,000 mm for combination with Goldhofer’s self-propelled PST series with axle loads of up to 45 t. That makes it possible to employ the basic modules in the THP/SL series for off-road working, too, e.g. transporting mining excavators and other extra-heavy loads in the iron-ore mining industry.

“For this investment, we placed particular importance on providing a user-friendly solution and practical operation to ensure that our people out in the field have the optimum transport solution at their disposal,” says David Purslow, General Manager of Global Operations at ALE.

“Needless to say, the modules with hydraulic width adjustment can also be combined with turntables or drop decks,” Horst Haefele adds. “That further extends the range of applications available with these THP/SL modules, providing the optimum configuration with minimum effort for every transport requirement.”

Following the completion of internal testing of the modules with the hydraulic widening system and prior to shipment to Australia, ALE’s General Manager of Global Operations David Purslow (right) and Horst Haefele agreed: “This makes heavy transport operations in Australia even more convenient and economical.”

THP/SL-10 split P (1/2 + 1/2)

New line of self-propelled modular transporters launched by Goldhofer Aktiengesellschaft

February 11, 2015


During "Innovation days" held in Memmingen (Germany) at the end of June, Goldhofer unveiled new generation of self-propelled modular transporters. The innovative line combines efficiency of 2,430 mm wide model with stability characteristic for 3,000 mm wide modules. As Goldhofer CEO Stefan Fuchs asserts, this new line cements company's leadership in SPMT segment. New series of products include three models: PST/ES-E (285), PST/ES-E 6 (315), and PST/ES-E (385).

PST/ES-E 6 (315) has axle load of 45 tones, PST/ES-E (385) can bear 60 tons, - it is the first module ever with such high payload index. Overall, new vehicles offer increased stability, bending moment, speed and steering angle. The other important feature is tire-fitting of new models. All new modules use standard truck tires, which effectively lowers maintenance expenses. Moreover, due to bigger contact area tire wear is also reduced significantly. Four kinds of power packs can be installed on new SPMT's, with capacity of 150, 207, 360 or 390 kW. Installation of  hybrid power pack is also possible.

Higher travel speed, increased stability and reduced mobilization and maintenance costs make Goldhofer PST/ES-E modules highly competitive on heavy-haulage equipment market. The combination of innovations and trade-mark Goldhofer quality amounts to a truly technologically advanced vehicle, or as CEO Stefan Fuchs puts it  "SPMT 2.0".


iTAP app for heavy-duty axles developed by Goldhofer and Knorr-Bremse

 February 16, 2015

The drivers of heavy-duty vehicles are now able to enjoy features of new  iTAP app, which can, among other things, help the driver to adjust drive height without leaving the cab. The app can be used on  independed-suspension Goldhofer semitrailers equipped with new MPA axles. iTAP app is a result of collaboration between  Goldhofer and Knorr-Bremse company. The partnership proved to be a fruitful one - at IAA vehicle show the app was awarded in the "smart trailer" category. Stefan Fuchs, Goldhofer CEO, upon receiving "Trailer Innovation Award 2015" in chassis category at the same trade show, announced that he is pleased with new product, as it shows "new heights of user-friendliness".

iTAP, or intelligent Trailer Access Point, is a built-in module, installed on the trailer directly, as an extension of  EBS. iTAP has its own password-protected wireless network and enables the driver to control trailer functions separately from the tractor. This is time-saving shortcut for the driver: for example, there is no need to leave the cabin to readjust the axels. iTAP provides  four programmed axle heights, two additional ones can be programmed by the user. Besides, the app measures and displays tire pressure and tire temperature. In case of any damage to a tire, the app will alert the driver.

The implementation of this new feature is also a further step in development of Goldhofer innovative MPA Axle Technology, which  is now in process of registering patent claim. iTAP is designed in keeping with "less is more" principle, intrinsic to MPA technology framework.


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